Side panel 3d print

Hello guys and congrats for the Marty project,

Do you have any idea how to print the side panel, about orientation etc. because there is no flat side to start with this as first print layer. Have you tried to add any pillar or fake-removable base just to be printed?

Thank you in advance,



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trojan OP

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for your prompt response. You are right. I checked the option "support material" and it worked fine. Actually, I used Slic3r for my RepRap priter. And it was quiet easy to remove it. I will send you some pictures when Marty is completed.

Thanks again.

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sandy STAFF

Hi John,

Yes, the side panel is the one part that does need to be printed with support turned on. We'd recommend printing it with the two rectangular posts at the bottom, as this will put the outer face on top and give a better finish for your robot.

We normally use Cura to do our 3D printing, and it does a pretty good job at making support that's easy to remove with a pair of pliers

Let us know how you get on - and we'd love to see some pics of your finished Marty!


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