Marty Calibration Troubles

Hi, I'm having some troubles with the initial calibration and walking. Every time I start Marty up and try to calibrate it through the mobile app, the legs start twitching and freaking out. I follow the suggestions and slowly move the legs into position and get it standing upright. From there, I test out walking, and the legs continue to spazz out again. Note: This happens regardless of whether Marty is connected/charging and if he is just running from the battery. I have triple checked that all of the wiring connections are correct and I am 99% sure that I have built it properly, but I am wondering if there is anything you might suggest I take a look at in order to fix this issue. Here is a video I took of the process.

Thanks for the help!


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So after plenty of tinkering, I finally managed to fix the issue (along with plentiful help from Sandy).

The problem was with the four servos, two knees and two hips, where the black lever on each was set to the wrong position, essentially rotating the range of each servo to 180 degrees from down to up instead of side to side.

I had one servo that came in the down position and that was the cause for one of them. The other two that were having issues were due to how I moved the lever from the right position to the down position. I moved it by managing to take off the screw on top of the lever and removing the lever, then placing it in the down position. The levers can be difficult to move by hand/fingers so the best way to move it is to use the upright part that connects to it as a wrench and rotate it using that.

Now my Marty is working great and I am excited to continue doing cool things with it. This a fun kit and I recommend it to all. Also, many thanks to Sandy and the staff for the fantastic support. Keep it up!


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sandy STAFF

Hi Nik,

Thanks for posting the video - it's very helpful. Certainly doesn't look like a very happy Marty!

What I think might have happened is that the calibration has somehow been set to be right at the very extremes of Marty's movements. So, when the motors try to get to those positions they realise they can't and turn off. The calibration script tries to reactivate them, resulting in that behaviour.

Can you check two things:

  • Make sure Marty is charged up
  • Try clearing the calibration - you can do this by Scanning for Marty using the app, then selecting it and clicking "Clear Calibration". You'll need to then turn your Marty off and on again

Hopefully that will work - let me know how you get on


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