Eyes get loose, cable to connect Pi

Hello, Order 1308 from indiegogo here. Gave Marty to our coding club for Christmas. The screws for the eye come loose easily. It's hard to get in there and tighten and it disrupts eye-brow functioning. If anyone has a suggestion to secure it, I'd love to hear it.

I've been looking at connecting the Pi. I see the cable to connect the devices, was this included or is there a part I should order from Hobbyking? I let one of the students take it home and put it together over the holidays (which ... I do not recommend, I had to disassmble and re-assemble to fix some misconfigurations). Anyway, so I am not sure if the part was included or not.

Absolutely love Marty, Best regards, Pat


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sandy STAFF

Hi Pat,

Sorry for the slow reply - great to hear that you like your Marty!

Shame that the eye screw is coming loose - I take it that's on the free moving eye, rather than the one with the servo? If you've got a sticker over the screw that should prevent it from coming loose...

The cable to connect the Pi is included in the kit, although you could also make your own with four female-female jumper wires. If you can't find yours and don't have any jumper cables just drop us an e-mail at support@robotical.io and I'll see about posting you another one out

All the best,


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