python get_motor_current always 0.0

This code: for i in range(8): current = mymarty.get_motor_current(i) print("motor", i, current)

It always seems to return 0.0 for all motors: ('motor', 0, 0.0)

I'm getting a sensible value for get_battery_voltage()

I'm using python 2.7.9, Rick firmware version 1.0 (using get_firmware_version).

Can anyone confirm if they have this working?



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This sounds like the same problem discussed in Socket API problem with broken float32 return values over socket transport.

I just checked values in Scratch and they look plausible and mostly non 0.0 - I was puzzling over your range(8) and Scratch doesn't have a dropdown value to get the ninth one, the eye servo current.

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I get 0.0 for all. I also executed that during its periodic "i am powered on wiggle" and that came back with 0.0 from all range(9) too with v1.0.0 firmware and 3.4.5. And all 0.0 during a lengthy walk().

I too have just over 8v from get_battery_voltage and sensible results from get_accelerometer and digitalread_gpio(0) works using the supplied microswitch so the rest looks ok.

There is a scratch example which shows current and I've had that working so suggests something is amiss in python code.

I'm currently puzzling over how to do an analogue input read though!

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