3D Printed parts v1.0 issues

I was just preparing the new parts for 3D printing and found an issue with the new head base. It has a very thin walled section between circular and rectangular hole on the back which is missed out by the slicer. Does this section need to be so thin or can it be missed out completely?


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GreenGiraffe OP

Thanks for that Sandy. That makes sense. I ended up going with supports as it added little time overall; otherwise I would have had to go down to a 0.3mm nozzle to get the push out to print which would have taken far longer.

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sandy STAFF

Hi GreenGiraffe,

That thin section is actually just there to help the printer with the overhang - so the part can be printed without support material. Once you've printed it you should actually cut away the thin section - I'll need to update the instructions to state that, so thanks for pointing it out

So basically - if the thin section gets missed out completely it doesn't matter too much, your print just won't be so neat at the back. But you could print with support touching buildplate, and that should help

Hope that makes sense


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