need to calibrate every time Marty is switch off?


I've noticed that Marty needs to be calibrated every time he is switch off and on again, in order for scratch to work.

Is this the case, or should scratch work every time regardless of whether marty has been switch off an on again?

kind regards



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Robotdad OP


Marty waking now :)


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sandy STAFF

Hi again,

Just to check - did you put a "Get Started" or "Enable Motors" block in your code? Marty's motors are disabled on startup, so you need to send a command to get things started. We could probably make that more clear!

The glowing outline means the block is running - handy for seeing what you're currently running. You can stop blocks running by clicking the red stop sign next to the green flag

Hope that makes sense - let me know how you get on


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Robotdad OP

Thanks for the feedback.

Even when the green light is on and Marty is found, when an event is activated, nothing happens with Marty and I see a yellowish outline round the blocks. What does this mean?

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sandy STAFF

Hi Duncan,

No - Marty should just work each time without the need to recalibrate

Is the problem that Scratch doesn't find Marty unless you've calibrated? If so it sounds like it's just taking a while to find Marty on the network - you could try refreshing Scratch, or just using the calibration tool to find Marty, but not going through the whole calibration step

If you know Marty's IP you can put that into the block that appears at the bottom of the Scratch blocks if the scanner can't find Marty

The Marty app will also be released soon which will help with scanning for Martys


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