Scratch commands to diagnose problems

I was doing some Scratch programming today with Marty and there were a number of times when the program failed to start/execute. It would often start a few green-flag-start clicks later or perhaps it was just a short time later. I had a continuous icmp ping running and that in general was ok with very occasional single packet loss. Marty was a few feet from the laptop hotspot I was using. I think communication was reasonable. It would be good if there was a way in Scratch to either show any (prior) errors and/or to allow a full test to run and report on that test.

I was using a specified ip as Marty's address was outside of the scan range. Does the auto-scan only happen once as the extension loads?

I think there might have been issues with site roughly around 10:45am BST today. Am I right in thinking the uptime of this site/repository is a critical factor in the ability to launch a ScratchX session with the Marty extensions?


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kjw OP

Is there any chance that the (possibly fruitless in our setup) autoscan was happening more than once as we edited/ran program and that was getting in the way of the code execution? That might explain our scenario.

16:12:57, 04th February 2018   |   Permalink   |   View Source
kjw OP

One detail to add is that whilst we were using Chrome which apparently can allow Scratch to detect ip address of laptop and scan that subnet we did have two IPs active because we were both connecting to a WiFi network with more sophisticated auth and then acting as an access point to give Marty a WiFi network to join, latter was 192.168.137.x. I don't know if your code copes with multiple ip interfaces to scan each of them?

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kjw OP

I did some demos in a different room and experienced similar problems. The setup was similar, a laptop running Scratch using WiFi to connect to the Internet and also to provide an access point for a dedicated-to-Marty WiFi network. Marty connects up on WiFi fine and ping looked good. The first issue is it takes a while for Scratch to be usable. How long would you expected the auto scan of and to take? Is that likely to block progress? Marty was on 192.168.137.x and I was using the Select Marty on IP block.

The (unchanged) script also often appeared to fail to start when the green flag was clicked. Clicking it again a few seconds later often started it. The unpredictable nature of this means giving a demonstration is a bit of frightening prospect.

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angus STAFF

@kjw @sandy is probably better qualified to answer re. the scratch behaviour you're seeing, but re. GitHub, yep, the online Scratch won't work if it can't load our extension from GitHub.. I'd have thought their uptime is in the many-nines, so hopefully this will rarely ever be a problem!

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