What Battery to use?

I'm trying to source a battery for Marty but have run into supply issues.. the one below is out of stock and the only other place I can find it is ebay (ordered and was lost in the post!)


So I'm looking for an alternative. Can someone help with something that will still fit in Marty?


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angus STAFF

@ddoak - The charger on Rick is a 2 Cell 7.4v LiPo charger (MCP73213 if you want to hunt for the datasheet for exact specs) so in theory should be fine charging most similarly sized 7.4v 2 cell LiPo batteries, though I'll swiftly follow that with the usual disclaimer that LiPo batteries can be dangerous, shouldn't be overcharged, and that we can't guarantee it is safe to charge batteries other than the one we provide with the on-board charger. Nevertheless, we've used a bunch of the Turnigy 1500mAh 2S batteries without any issues so far.

@thebeetleuk we're using either the on-board charger on Rick or for balance/fast charging we use a HobbyKing Eco Six charger (that we got a while ago) + Bench Supply, but there are basically loads of RC chargers available that will work with a range of cells

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Angus, can the Turnigy 1500mAh 2S you're using be charged via the Rick board - or does it need to be charged in a 'proper' charger?

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thebeetleuk OP

sorry. I need a UK version so not sure what to get :) Help is appreciated!!

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thebeetleuk OP

Thanks for the link! Also what chqarger did you use?

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angus STAFF
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