Foot switch

Any tips for using the microswitch on the foot? I've found that the switch causes Marty to turn rather than activating. I guess a longer leaver should sort that? Perhaps could print something.

Also when coding in Scratch how can I record a switch activation whilst in the middle of a walk?


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Workshopshed OP

Cheers Sandy, we'll give that a go and experiment with toecaps

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sandy STAFF

Hi there!

Yeah, you could use microswitches with longer arms to detect bumps over a larger area. Or we could maybe make some 3D printable bumpers to cover the switches and extend the bump area - if there was a demand? If you do make something please do share it with us!

For sensing while Marty moves in Scratch, that's quite fun actually. There are a couple of different ways you could do it, but one way is to have a separate thread running to monitor the switch, while the movement happens

That would look a bit like this:

marty bump switch parallel

You could experiment with stopping and pausing, or different movements in general. You could also look at turning off blocking mode and trying to react more quickly to a bump.


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