Raspberry Pi & AdaFruit


can anyone point me in the direction of instuctions on how to connect the Pi to the Adafruit? I can see the instructions below but it doesnt actually stat how to connect the two together. I'm a beginner on the electronics front so need all the help I can get!



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sandy STAFF

Hi there,

It'd be a wee bit easier with a Marty control board - but we're out of stock of those currently and I don't like sales pitches, so I'll try and help ;-)

So I'm assuming

  • You have a Raspberry Pi and an adafruit PWM breakout board, rather than a Marty control board
  • You've soldered on the pins to the PWM board

Basically you want to connect the pins marked GND, VCC, SDA, and SCL on the PWM board to the corresponding pins on the Raspberry Pi. You'll probably want to use female-female jumper wires to do that. The PWM board's VCC pin should be connected to a 3.3v pin on the Raspberry Pi. So on a standard Raspberry Pi, you might to connect GND to pin 9, VCC to pin 1, SDA to pin 3, and SCL to pin 5.

That will provide power to the logic circuits of the PWM board, and a data connection to the Raspberry Pi. But, you'll also need to provide power for the servos, for that you should connect the GND and V+ terminals to the output of your BEC or other 5v regulated output. Tip here is that if your BEC has a servo style plug for output, you can plug it in to an unused servo port to provide the power.

Hope that makes sense,


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