2 questions - Marty will fall when it walk. Do you have Arduino guide/instructions like PI

1 - when i clicked the WALK button after calibration and ZERO JOINTS, Marty moved the left leg first, and lean towards left, but it will fall due to the lean angle is too much from my observation. is there any limitation on parts assemble ? 2 - there is an guide on how to throw a PI to Marty's head and have yourself an autonomous robot, this is very great, but i want to start from Arduino, is there any guide/instructions for Arduino ? for both the HW link and SW. since Arduino is more easier compared to PI. thanks, William


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sandy STAFF

Hi William,

Were you able to get your Marty walking ok?

One other thing to check is the legs are connected to the correct servo ports - if the right and left leg connections are reversed Marty will fall over. That's because normally the outside leg lifts higher to get off the ground, but if the motors are connected wrong it'll be the inside leg that lifts higher, and Marty will fall

On the Arduino front, you can connect over i2c or serial to send or receive commands from your Marty. The serial link follows rosserial protocol, and publishes all the sensor data as well as allowing complete control of Marty. The i2c connection at the moment will just allow for sending instructions to Marty, but is in theory a relatively easy way of sending commands - we've used it to get a microbit to send instructions to Marty. The caveat is that commands still need to be packaged in rosserial format, with length bytes and checksums.

I'll try and find time to throw together some better documentation on how both of those interfaces work - and we'll get an Arduino library out hopefully in the not too distant future


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Hi William,

There could be a couple of reasons for this to happen. A few points to check are that:

  • The hip servo horn is fitted through the hole in the Leg Link.
  • The Cross Braces are in the right orientation.
  • The Legs are mounted in the right orientation.

One way to check these points would be to compare your Marty against the "Sanity Check" graphic at the end of this guide. If that still doesn't work, could you please send us a video of the robot moving? You can post a link here or email us at support@robotical.io

Unfortunately, we don't currently have an Arduino library. However, we have all the documentation for the commands used to interface with the Rick, which you could potentially use to write your own library. You can find these in the docs website here.

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