eye's servo will not work anymore

Marty no. 1300865: After Marty has worked a few days well, the servo for the eye no longer moves. When calibrating, it no longer moves. Also in ScratchX the eyes will not move. All other servos are working fine. I have used an analyser at the servo pin - no signal. Is this a board defect?


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RudolfAtRTC OP

Sorry for my late response! To Sandy: With your very helpful hints all my problems are gone. The eys are now working fine and I'm experimenting with the socket API. Our students are mounting a couple of martys now.

Greetings from Esslingen, Rudolf.

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sandy STAFF

Thanks Rudolf,

That would be great thanks, we're always really happy to get feedback so we can fix any issues.

Drop us an e-mail to support@robotical.io and we'll look at getting you a replacement control board out

Say "Hi" to Hermann from me!


17:30:22, 02nd September 2017   |   Permalink   |   View Source
RudolfAtRTC OP

Hello Sandy, many thanks for your very fast response! The eye's servo is OK, I have tested it with an Arduino. So it looks like a board problem. To my background: I'm member of the "Rüdern Technik Club" (RTC), founded by Dr. Hermann Klinger in Esslingen/Germany. Hermann has visited you last summer. In the near future we will mount a couple of Martys with our students. We will collect possible problems and pass them on to you through Hermann.

With regards, Rudolf.

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sandy STAFF

Hi there,

There should indeed be a signal on the servo PWM pin when it is being commanded with a position. For example the calibration tool should cause a signal to be sent. If there isn't one coming out it's possible something has gone wrong.

Could you try plugging the eye servo into a different port (e.g. an arm) to check whether it is the servo itself or the output?

If something has gone wrong, I'm very sorry and we'll get a replacement out to you


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