Build suggestions and hints

I've completed my Marty, and he's connected, calibrated and charging.

For the build I have a few suggestions for updated guidance.

  1. Working over a smooth soft surface is a good idea to catch dropping parts. A clean tea towel is a good option, used in the football pitch so the edges would also help.

  2. Put the nuts in the head before adding anything else!

  3. The nuts that go into slots are easier to handle if the piece is held horizontal so they are held in place by gravity. A small blob of blutack or piece of masking tape can help hold parts in place and can then be easily removed.

  4. Connecting the head to the legs. I loosely started the inside two nuts/bolts before attaching each leg, which made the inner connections much easier. The outer ones are quite straightforward.

  5. It's a good idea to have some spares (thanks) and I would suggest that you state this clearly as otherwise some customers may wonder what they've missed when building.



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I assembled my Marty this Sunday and would come with the following hints for other builders:

  1. I found it easier to mount the leg differently from the guide. By changing 2f, 2h, 2j and 2k. My solution is to pre-assemble 2 Leg Links (Part #3A) and Cross-Brace (Part #4) (or #3A #3B and #4) and to screw them very loosely (2/3 turns). This gets me a 2 kinds of full leg linking mechanisms, that I think highly facilitate 2h and 2k. As one only needs to use the play to fit the part in place, press with fingers and tighten the bolts. This proven way easier for my second leg, and reduce the hassle of nuts living there life while you have the full leg in hand. This looks like that:

  2. the servo for 2c are already pre-mounted, I didn't pay attention and used them for the arms.

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I spent Sunday afternoon on mine and enjoyed the build process. I now have a working, walking Marty. A few comments follow on very minor issues.

I decanted the 2.5mm nuts and bolts into two small pots to make them easier to retrieve.

It might be useful on the parts list to state that the images have different scales and "colours may vary".

A friend commented that the printed guide omits the self-tapping screws which he missed first time around. He advised me to only use the online guide based on that and to ensure I squeezed the springs to bend them and to stop them popping out as per your own online only tip.

I would suggest it's clearer for the majority of your builders to only use the term bolt and (self-tapping) screw consistently throughout all the documentation.

The continuous format of the online build document without pagination made it harder for me (on a tablet) to ensure I was looking at the matching figure. Even if you're following traditional publishing layout it would still benefit from some sort of grouping/pagination to make it easier to read. I just checked a well known Danish toy and they use rule lines between each segment on the same page.

The head instructions could state that the bump switch and additional Pi cable are not used in the standard build.

In online 5c it says "These bolts can be very tight to fit in" but I think it means nuts? I certainly found I had to use pliers to get the 2.5mm nuts in properly. Presumably these are tight to avoid risk of the conductive nut coming loose near PCB?

The servo connectors felt a bit snug when plugging in the second and third in each group. I trimmed stickers a little to make them fit better but I don't think they increase the overall thickness of the socket. Perhaps your sockets are a tiny fraction too large?

On leftovers front, it would be even more comforting to know how many of each item should be spare.

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angus STAFF

Just following up, we've updated the Build guide with your suggestions :)

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I love these mikeprotts! Thanks :) I discovered the benefits of a bit of masking tape at the top of the legs when I first built mine, but Blue Tack(or some other generic reusable putty-like pressure-sensitive adhesive!!) sounds even better!

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mikeprotts OP

Another suggestion - test before putting stickers over screw for the right eye, that may need to be undone to adjust.

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angus STAFF

Thanks for the suggestions, we're planning on updating the detailed build guide as soon as we get around to it - I hope you understand that it's been pretty busy for us this week! We'll try and add these in at the appropriate places...

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