Exactly why I backed this project!

I was a backer of this project because I have been looking for a kit that was simple enough to explain to my soon-to-be seven year old son, but complex and interesting enough for him to want to learn about it. I doubled down and added a second Marty during the project on a whim. I am happy to say that it is paying off. Marty 1 is now built. My son mostly watched as I made it through the included and online instructions (he tightened a couple screws). He impatiently listened to my explanation of the calibration project and looked at the Scratch tutorial with little interest. However, now that Marty 1 is complete, calibrated and set up with a basic set of Scratch commands he is hooked and has told me that he wants to build the Marty 2 (who he has named Steve) and decorate him by himself. He also has 100 ideas for add-on projects including sensors and 3d printed parts that I am sure will be a struggle for my limited technical abilities, but worth it to feed his growing interest. Thanks for this! I look forward to following the forums and continuing to customize and learn with Marty.


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sandy STAFF


Thanks so much for this post, it's really really heartwarming to know you're happy with your Marty - and fantastic to hear we're helping to inspire a young engineer :-)

Say hello to your son from all of us over here in Robotical HQ - we can't wait to hear some of the ideas and see which ones we can help turn into reality!


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