Sound samples?

I see there's audio which can play a pitch for a duration and also increasing and decreasing ranges. Is there any feature tucked away for Marty to play short sound samples?


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sandy STAFF

Hello again,

So short answer - not yet... At the moment Marty can only make tones and chirps. You can queue these up to make little tunes though ;-)

Longer answer - the buzzer on Marty's control board is hooked up to a DAC output from the microcontroller (and also DMA controlled), so it's theoretically possible. It was on our list of nice-to-have features, but we didn't get a chance to implement it before launch. We're a little bit limited by the amount of free memory on the controller, but for very short sound clips it might be possible.

It would require a firmware update too though...

On that subject - if you'd be interested in beta-testing new features drop me an e-mail. We have a couple of things in development and it's always nice to get some testing in the wild!


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