Disco Marty

Are there instructions for adding the Neopixels to Marty to make the disco version shown in this video?


What extras does it need apart from the obvious leds? The brief scene of 3d printing in the video and absence on recesses on the standard Marty suggests he needs a new, modified face?


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Any updates on how to?

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angus STAFF

The Disco Marty has a 3D Printed head that we custom made a while back, so wouldn't fit on a new Marty without some adjustments. Basically we used these NeoPixel Rings from Adafruit and this NeoPixel Strip and added a recess behind the eye for them to sit in, then wired in a separate microcontoller (most would work, we used a Feather BlueFruit 32u4) which controlled the lights

@sandy says he'll try and get an update Disco Marty head face part design out soon(ish) as we're aware it was one of the more popular hacks we did, and we'll accompany that with a write-up


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