Motor overloaded - continuous load


During calibration, when I press any button like Walk Forward or Zero joints (Reset); in Chatter, "Motor overloaded - continuous load" message appears and movement is stopped.

What does this mean?

Do we have a list of all Chatter messages and their meanings?

Thanks and best regards, James


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buhion OP

Overloading happens at a particular position all the time - when the knees are bent to the right. I've isolated the cause to be the right knee - with cable #5 removed, the issue does not occur.

My temporary fix which resolves the issue is to remove the spring in the right leg. Please advise if this fix is ok?


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buhion OP

Thanks Sandy for your response and excellent work.

Yes, sanity check is complied in this case. Also, the joints can be moved easily.

Marty can walk a few steps, but after about 5 or more continuous steps this motor overloaded issue happens.

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sandy STAFF

Hi James,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble

The "Motor overloaded - continuous load" message means that one of the motors is having a sustained heavy load and has been turned off as a precaution against overheating. We've set the safeties quite conservatively at the moment - they can be increased in software, but Marty should be able to walk quite happily without triggering them.

Could you check if the legs are put together just like shown in the sanity check graphic - particularly with the crossbraces the right way up.

With Marty turned off, you should be able to move all the joints by hand relatively easily - can you check that you can do this with your Marty?

rumo - it sounds like one of your Marty's twist servos is struggling to twist the leg. Did you put the washers in like shown here: twist servo washers, and can you twist the joint freely by hand?



p.s. here is a list of the chatter messages we currently have:

Message Details
"Falling!" Fall protection activated, motors turned off
"Not falling!" Marty appears to be vertical again
"Calibration saved" Calibration has been successfully saved
"Calibration NOT saved" Calibration not saved, this would happen if you tried to save calibration with a motor disabled
"Bored now." If lifelike behaviours are enabled, this will appear on Chatter when Marty decides to make a movement
"Motor overloaded - instantaneous current" A large load on the motor means the motor has been turned off quickly to avoid damaging the gears
"Motor overloaded - continuous load" A sustained load has been detected and a motor has been turned off to prevent overheating
"v1.0.0" Firmware version. Given on startup or when a get firmware version command is given
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I have the same problem in the Left twist servo. If I turn off that servo it works fine.

Help please.

Sorry for my english

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