Mini Marty?

Hello. :-)

Today i got my Marty. And i´m really impressed of the quality. :) Nice work!

But i´m wondering of missing the mini Marty you spoke of a few weeks/months ago? :(


Not a big deal. I got what i paid for. :) I´m just wondering.


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Lizman OP

Thank you Sandy. :)

The 3D Print File for the mini Marty would be cool. So i can print me a Keychain. :D :D

Greetings from Bremen/Germany.

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Hi Sandy,

Thanks for clearing up this little mystery. I had been wondering about the same. For my part, you certainly made the right call. But it would still be nice if there could be a way to get hold of a mini Marty (for those who have no access to a 3D printer). Maybe perhaps put the unpolished parts in an envelope and call it the "Mini Marty Kit" ?

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sandy STAFF


Thanks for your kind words :-)

We did make quite a few Mini Martys, but getting all the little eyes cleaned up after 3D printing and attached to them would have been very very time consuming for the batch of 1,000 robots.

In the end we didn't want to delay getting the kits out just to get the mini-martys in - hopefully that was the right call!


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