Adrafruit Board servo Control

Hi everyone from Spain,

We are very happy to see this great platform with a lot of content to use with Marty. We have 3 Early Martys printed for us, I would interested to know that if its possible to use Raspberry + Adafruit Board, instead Raspberry + Rick with new examples,scratch, etc. We bought 4 Adafruit boards and we don´t know if they´re going to work now with the new content.


Best Regards.


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makeprojects OP

Hi Sandy,

Now It works. Just Now we hace 3 robots completed and working. We saw that you changed the path to scratchx url, but angus share the new url so there is no problem.

We´re going to buy the new boards for the next robots but we spent a lot of hours with this early martys so we have to start to use them :).

Best Regards.

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sandy STAFF

Hey guys, I've made a quick update to the old martypi repository now, which should hopefully get the move joint command working for you. I haven't been able to fully test yet as I'm still out of the office, but please let me know how you get on! The code for working with a Raspberry Pi + i2c breakout (instead of a proper Marty control board) is very old now and not the best. We'll try and consolidate this functionality into the new code releases as soon as we can

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sandy STAFF

Hello! I'm out of the office at the moment, but I will take a look at this tonight and try to fix it. Will get back to you as soon as possible with an update!

Sandy (Alexander)

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makeprojects OP

Sorry, The function Move X in Y degrees on Z seconds does not work with Adafruit board + Raspberry. You forget Arduino, I commit a mistake in my writting.


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makeprojects OP

Hi Angus,

Thanks for you quick response. We were speaking with Alexander during this months, we gave our feedback about some problems, and some functions wich did not work with scratch. The function Move X in Y degrees on Z seconds has a problem, it does not work with Adafruit board + Arduino. Alexander fix some problem before.

We are going to buy to Rick Board more for our 3 martys, but, meanwhile, please could you fix the problem with this function? During this month we want to start some workshops, and this function in scratch is very interesting for teaching the movements.

Its going to be impossible to have the 3 Rick boards on time.

Best Regards.

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angus STAFF

Hey there, so we have some legacy code for the 3D printed Marts that'll work with the Adafruit board on GitHub. Rick, our own circuit board provides a whole load more functionality than the older setup from the early access Martys, and cheaper when you include the cost of the BEC regulators and a Raspberry Pi.

Still, we genuinely do plan on building in backward compatibility with our older stuff, though this will take some time as currently we're super busy at the moment. Also this will likely only come for Scratch and MartyPy. However, the old code should still work, with the older Scratch interface found at Here

I hope that helps?

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