SHH Problems with my Pi

So i have been trying for the last three weeks to connect my RPI to my marty but everytime i do that the outcome is that it tells me that the Hostname is unknown. I also tried other methods like the one over home wifi but that only gives me a connection refused. Thx already.


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YourDeathBro OP

could it be possible that you maje the same thing using putty or cmd

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I assume you've done something like:

user@mycomputer:~$ ssh pi@marty.local
ssh: Could not resolve hostname marty.local: Name or service not known

If this is the case, it is because you are connected to your home network, not on the wifi network generated by Marty. At this momment, your home network don't know marty, because marty is not connected to your home network. The principle is that you must first connect to Marty hotspot, then once connected configure Marty for that he will connects himself to your home Network at next startup. Then connect your computer to your home office (wifi or lan) then you will be able to connect in ssh to marty.

More details here:

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