Connecting Marty and Raspberry Pi

I have a voice control kit which is based on raspberry pi. It is run by an exclusive block coding program.

I would like to control Marty by this kit. This kit also have GPIO pins which is connected to the pi. These pins can be controlled by the block coding program.

I read how to add pi to Marty. But it was by using tx and rx ports. Will it be possible to connect between gpio of Pi and gpio of Marty. I wanna send high/low signal from gpio of pi to gpio of marty. Is it possible?

I wanna get high/low signals from gpio of pi instead of sensors such as bump


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Hi...I am using a custom python script to display the processed images. In the script the Open-CV videosource points to the Raspberry Pi’s HTTP video server. You can also view the feed with the FRC PC Dashboard but it will be just the unprocessed frame. I’m working on having the Raspberry Pi do the Video Processing itself and send the process frames over a mjpeg server to view rather then depending on the driver station computer to do the Vision Processing.

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