setting motor/servo speed

Hi Team, I wonder if can modify the speed of the servo motors. Right now I think the speed is little too fast, sothat Marty now and then falls aside. Lowering the speed I think it will avoid the falling. Best regards, Fred


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fredeisen OP

Hi Agnus, Thanks for your prompt response. I have a Marty with ROS and I am not using Scratch. Somehere there must a parameter that controls the motor speed. Looking from ROs side, what do I have to do to get access to this parameter/program? Best regards, Fred

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angus STAFF

Hi there Fred,

Many of the blocks in Scratch have a built-in time, but a little further down you'll see there are some more complicated ones that take an argument move time that lets you change how fast Marty moves. In Python, all the movement functions optionally take a time too (see martypy docs an Scratch blocks )

That being said, if your Marty isn't walking well and falls over a lot, you might want to tweak its calibration - it can be quite sensitive to small changes, but should be able to walk on a flat hard surface continuously without falling


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