Can I use ROS Kinetic and Ubuntu Xenial 16.04?

Dear Robotical,

I already installed Ubuntu Xenial 16.04. And now when I am going to install ROS, it says that for Ubuntu 16.04, I should install ROS kinetic. If I want to use ROS indigo, then I should change to Ubuntu Trusty 14.04.

Now, before I try to delete Ubuntu 16.04 and install Ubuntu 14.04, I want to check with you that in order to try ROS with Marty, I should only use ROS indigo, but not or never ROS kinetic.

Please kindly advise. Thank you very much. Best regards, Phuong


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thepakk OP

Dear Helmi, Thank you very much for your guidance and advice. I learn a lot from Robotical. Thank you so much. I will update my work if any progress :-). Best regards, Phuong

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Hey Phuong,

That's awesome, please let us know how you get on with the ROS side of things, I'd love to hear your feedback! :)

Making Marty talk would be cool, and definitely possible. There's loads of material online for Raspberry Pi speech synthesis as well as various different text-to-speech engines you could look at. For example, there's eSpeak and Flite. It's on our long to-do list of experimental ideas and so far the only issue is fitting a suitable speaker in Marty's head!

Speech recognition (making Marty understand you), however, is slightly harder. Actually, I've developed a highly experimental (and still a work in progress) speech recognition package for Marty which works, though unfortunately only using an online service at the moment. The support for offline speech recognition is there, but further development is needed I'm afraid!

There should be more Learn articles being posted soon addressing some of the more advanced stuff you can do with Marty such as face tracking, so keep checking the site :)


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thepakk OP

Dear Helmi, Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I installed ROS kinetic and Pi image successfully. I am going to dive deeply with Marty and ROS now. By the way, sorry that I still have to wait for the camera :-). I am also thinking to make Marty to be able to talk. If you have any post on this issue, please kindly teach me.

Thank you very much. Best regards, Phuong

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Hi Phuong!

No need to uninstall 16.04 and revert to 14.04, Kinetic will work perfectly. In fact, my development laptop runs 16.04 + Kinetic and I haven't bumped into any issues.

I believe your confusion may lie with the version of ROS on our Raspberry Pi image, which is Indigo. However, having Kinetic installed on your computer is fine, you'll still be able to interface with Marty's ROS stack.

I hope that helps! Please don't hesitate to get in touch again if you have any other concerns.


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