Need help with Screws


I am looking the build guide a need to order some screws. At the bottom of this page there is an image with all screws used in the build.

Can anyone tell me how much of each A,B,C, etc. screws and bolts do I need so I can order all at once.

Also what are those gold-bolt-inserts called that are inserted into for example servoMount part?


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angus STAFF

Hi there bortek,

So we have a "Hardware and Fixings Kit" for sale, which also lists all the parts included:

  • 51 M2.5 Nuts
  • 51 M2.5x8 Machine Screws
  • 10 M2 Nuts
  • 10 M2x10 Machine Screws
  • 3 Servo Horn Screws
  • 2 Robotical Foot Springs
  • 1 Marty the Robot Sticker Sheet

The only tricky bits to get there would be the spring and stickers, but neither is strictly necessary for a 3D printed robot! Just check that you've got the latest release of our 3D Printable parts from the Downloads Page

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner!

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