No Marty Setup Wifi only AI-Thinker_xxxxxx

Hi, sorry for my english ! I tested all instructions find in this forum to see the setup Marty wifi or just find it (Bob the button, calibration, API discovery,...) and all fails. I discover a AI-THINKER_34E536 SSID instead. If i connect my wifi on it (by MacOS or Android) i can do IP scanner and find which is Marty's IP. But i can't do more than this... Any suggestions ? Thanks.


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sandy STAFF

Hi there,

Really sorry to hear about this. It sounds like your board has not been completely programmed. I'm not sure how that got through the quality control process, but we will of course send you a replacement straight away.

Can you send an e-mail to confirming the address you'd like the replacement to be sent to?

Thanks, and sorry once more


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