New Raspberry Pi Image! Works on Pi 3B+ and A+

Hi all,

I have just put a new Raspberry Pi image into the folder at,

Main updates are:

The new WiFi script means that the Pi will try to connect to the WiFi networks defined in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf, and if it can't connect to a network it will output it's own WiFI hotspot. You can connect to that hotspot with the password raspberry

Once you're connected to the hotspot, the IP of the Pi will be, as before with our images.

If you want to VNC or SSH in to the Pi, the username is pi and the password is marty

I'm going to be converted my old blog post on Ball following with a Raspberry Pi and a camera and turning it into an article over the next few days, and extending it to get Marty walking more quickly to the ball in kicking it into a goal

If you've not had a Raspberry Pi in your Marty before, look here for some instructions on how to plug it in, and here for some info on getting connected over VNC viewer.

This image is designed to fit on a 16GB microSD card. To get started: - download and unzip the zip file - Write the image to the microSD card, check out the Official Raspberry Pi instructions for details on how to write an image. In brief, use a tool like Etcher or Win32DiskImager for windows, or in Linux simply use the Disk Image Writer to write the image to the SD card. - Put the microSD card into the Pi, and connect it to Marty using the cable that came supplied with your Marty - look here for more info - Turn Marty on, wait for the Marty Pi hotspot to be generated, then connect to it with password 'raspberry'

Note :- Installing a Pi into Marty will mean that it takes over high level control. To prevent confusion this will stop other control methods like Scratch and the remote control from functioning, but you can get Python running on the Pi and have everything running completely autonomously!

I've tested this on a Pi 3B+, A+, and on a 3B, and it's worked so far. As always, please do let me know how you get on with trying this out!



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