Microsoft Edge for Scratch X

I would like to ask about the web browser for Scratch X. According to the “Get Started with Scratch”, it is recommended to use a browser like Firefox or Chrome for best results. Since Firefox is not that common in Korea, we usually use Chrome for scratch X.

I also failed to connect Marty on Internet Explorer. Therefore, I also don’t use it.

What about Microsoft Edge? I visited my student’s home and tried to install Chrome, but failed. Maybe it has a problem on the operating system. Therefore, I tried to connect Marty on Edge. Calibration was successful, and I let Marty walk on Scratch X. We didn’t have much time to test Marty enough. Could you let me know if Edge will be good enough to use instead of Chrome? If so, we will keep using Edge for Marty

Thank you


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Lance OP

I tired to connect Marty on Edge several times When I connected Marty on wifi, it didn't work. but Direct Connect was working.

Since I prefer the wifi connect, I installed Chrome

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Lance OP

Hi, Angus.

Thank you for your kind reply. I will visit my student's home again, and test it with Edge. If there's no problem, we will keep using Edge. If there's any problem, I will let you know.

thank you

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angus STAFF

Hi there @Lance

Edge should be fine, the reason we suggest Chrome and Firefox is simply because that's what we're using and testing with day-to-day. If there's a problem with Scratch in Edge, it'll take longer for us to notice! Let us know if you have any trouble with using Edge, but it should be fine


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