Calibration not working with Android 9

Hello, I have a Google Pixel XL phone running the latest version of Android (v9 aka Pie).

I have downloaded the app and connected to the Marty WiFi however when I try and run the calibration the app says "you are connected to <unknow ssid="">" which is clearly not the case.</unknow>

I have an Appple iPhone (I can check the IOS version if necessary) and this is working as per your documentation and can see both the Marty WiFi and starts the calibration process.

Are there known problems with some versions of Android ?

Cheers, Dave


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I've just run into exactly this problem on my Pixel3 XL. The App definitely didn't ask for the Location permission.

Manually granting it that permission seems to have fixed it though.

Dave (but a different one from the OP)

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sandy STAFF

Hi Dave,

With the newer versions of Android, they require the location permission before they'll give an app info on the wifi network - I know that's a bit un-intuitive.

We recently updated the app to request this permission to try and address this issue, can you remember if you were prompted to allow the app access to location info, and if you let it? We don't use for anything other than just checking the SSID of the network you're connected to

All the best,


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