Scratch3 Beta Feedback

See the Beta here

We'll be pushing periodic updates to it before release, so if something doesn't quit work right just check back again later. Please let us know if you've found anything broken, have suggestions for us or even the main Scratch 3 developers!

Scratch3 is currently slated for an early January 2019 release.

Source for Scratch 3 is on our GitHub


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16:06:56, 27th May 2020
19:28:25, 26th May 2020

so I finished Building my Marty and i connected him through my phone to my Wifi. Next i wanted to start of programming him on Scratch 3. As you probably know there is a connect Option where Scratch tries to find your Marty, but for me that didn´t work, I even typed in the IP Adress but Scratch could still not find my marty. Could anyone help me with this Problem? Thanks.

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Just experimenting with this. Seems a lot better and easier to start with than the older version.

One bug I've found is that adding battery voltage to a list causes a crash, either directly, or assigning to a variable first and then add the variable to the list so it maybe a float problem. This used to work, and adding a simple interger does work


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