Eye servo burning out?

Went into calibrate and marty's eyebrows mashed together.

I managed to get the into the right location with the calibration tool, but the servo seems to get very hot and eventually failed.

I've replaced the servo with a new one and left the eye off so I could see what happens, on calibration the server span round lots of times and then also started getting very hot.

Any suggestions on why the eye serve is getting too hot? Everything else seems to be fine. I can get Marty to walk around nicely and move his arms no problem.


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Dear Sandy,

Thank you very much for your answers. Good news about the camera. I do not have 3D printer. So I will wait for your new update on camera and order right when I can. I really want Marty to have camera and train him to detect human face and other things. I have Raspberry Pi now so I really want to try all of those things with Marty.

By the way, the twist parts are quite rigid, I think. The provided solution at 2e step did help to improve. However, when I tried to use ScratchX to make Marty turn right or left after, for example, 20 steps, it failed. So if you can improve this parts, I would thank you very much. I want Marty to walk freely.

Best regards, Phuong

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sandy STAFF

Hi Chris - great! Will be happy to get it sorted out :-)

thepakk - Thanks so much for your really kind words, it was a long journey getting Marty out and we're really happy that you like him :-)

In answer to your questions:

  • The eyebrows shouldn't need to be calibrated every time - if you tell them to go to the zero position, and then take them off and put them on so they're only slightly wide, they should end up in the right position
  • Thanks for the feedback about Safari. Finding devices on a network is a bit tricky so we're working on improving it so it'll work on more browsers and devices!
  • For the Raspberry Pi cable, we do normally assume that you'll have the Pi inside Marty's head, but it's a good point that you might want to have a longer cable. For now you could try using some male-female jumper cables to extend the wires
  • There are a couple of places you can mount the Raspberry Pi camera - the neatest place is actually inside Marty's head, looking out of his mouth! We haven't tidied them up for proper release yet, but if you have a 3D printer, here are two parts for mounting a camera inside the head: RPi camera mount and RPi camera mount brace. We'll get a learn article on how to connect and mount a camera with some more detail and options shortly!


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chris_greening OP

Hi Sandy,

I'm quite close to your office so can just pop round with Marty to troubleshoot.

Will email support to arrange a good time.

Thanks Chris

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Dear Sandy,

I just got Marty yesterday after one year waiting :-). I have set up it very well and really love it. I have some problem and one of them is the eyebrows mashed together. I have to remove the left eyebrows and try to calibrate. Finally, Marty can walk very well. However, whenever I turn it on, now, its eyebrows do not mash together but move far from each other. Do i have to calibrate it every time?

Other problems, I found until now is that I cannot scan Marty using Safari, but Chrome works fine.

The cable to connect with Raspberry Pi is too short. I think because you think to design to put Raspberry Pi inside Marty. I want to put Raspberry Pi box on the head of Marty so I can connect other cable to connect with screen, mouse, keyboard ... It would be more convenient for developing and setting ...

The last point is that I want to set up a camera for Marty. However, I found it quite difficult to set up camera inside Marty head. I mean the space is not big enough.

I just hope to notice you all of these. I like the kit and Marty so much. Above of all, I really got very good impression to your spirit or target to build robot. You want Marty to be our family member. It is not like other robot developers. They may want to develop robot to use as sex partner, or soldiers for war.

Thank you very much. Phuong

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sandy STAFF

Hi Chris,

That sounds like a new and unusual problem - it's normal for the eye servo to move back a forth a little bit at the start of calibration, but not to spin round lots of times, and definitely shouldn't get hot

Silly question - is the servo definitely plugged in right?

Does the same thing happen if you plug one of the arm servos into the eye port?


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