Is it possible to coding/block programming on ipad?

Our company are promoting Marty as a STEM education tool, but there are too many school used ipad or android tablet. Not all the school can provide a computer that with WiFi function. So we are looking for the way to block programming on android tablet or ipad. thank you.


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sandy STAFF


Sorry for the slow response. Getting scratch working on an iPad is tricky as they don't support Flash. We have a workaround where we use VNC viewer on an ipad to remote desktop to a different computer (usually a raspberry pi, and the command hub can do this), and you can run scratch that way, but it is not an optimal experience.

We will be releasing an extension for Scratch 3.0 when that is ready, which should run on an ipad, and we are currently beginning work on a Swift playground for Marty, which will allow you to program Marty from the Swift Playgrounds app on an iPad.

We are aiming to have beta version of the Scratch 3.0 extension out shortly after the beta release of Scratch 3 itself, which is scheduled for August. I will post again here when we have more


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