Bluetooth not working on PI3


I am using the marty PI image and have had him following a ball.

thought I would write a python script using a wii mote to control him.

Noticed the blue tooth interface is disabled.

Anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it?

I have not investigated any further myself, yet!




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angus STAFF

I'll go and add a comment on it now, sorry for it not being there already!

Let us know if the dongle works out for you

11:43:35, 23rd May 2018  *   |   Permalink   |   View Source
Windy54 OP

Hi Angus, Thanks for quick response I will try a dongle.

Might be worth adding a comment on the installing a raspberry PI page to say it is disabled if there is not one .



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angus STAFF

Hi there @Windy54

Unfortunately... The Pi is wired up a little weird, and having Bluetooth enabled makes serial really buggy... There is a second serial port (/dev/ttyS0) but it's not quite up to scratch for our use. So, in our image we disabled Bluetooth to let UART/Serial run smoothly. As an alternative/fix, you might just be able to get a USB Bluetooth dongle working? A small one can fit inside Marty's head!

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