Stand alone (Wifi) - Laptop, MARTY and Mobile (Android)

I've finally achieved being totally stand alone - meaning to take MARTY say to School and for my Daughter to show her the moves by loading the SCRATCH programs in the PDF and to use the Mobile Phone App to Calibrate and make MARTY move. Here's what will work: Current Windows 10 laptop with latest patches (DO NOT USE an old Windows XP laptop like what I tried to do originally as this will cause the laptop/Chrome NOT to find MARTY thru the Calibration url. I tried countless different combinations like changing gateway address to MARTY or to the laptop but this did not work. Use 'Bob the Reset' Button to reset the Wifi SSID name in MARTY and use the Android App to re-configure to the Mobile hotspot (e.g. MartyOptusWiFi) on your mobile phone with a password. Don't make the mistake I made by having no password and the Mobile App will not work. I thought I would make it easier for the daughter in case she had to debug the issues at school. Use Current Windows 10 laptop and connect to the mobile hotspot. Use MARTY to also connect to the mobile hotspot (using mobile App). Use mobile App to check the IP address of MARTY - you will see this under Scan for MARTY & it will return e.g. Go to Laptop and open a command prompt window and type in 'ping' and it should return a response time - which means you can 'see' MARTY. Note: Even though my Windows XP could ping / see MARTY the Chrome browser could NOT pick up the ip address of MARTY. I even tried to ADD in the IP address but something (e.g. scanning algorithm) is doing something maybe not quite right / or it could be something else.

In the end I was able to use the Windows 10 to open SCRATCH and load a program from the C: drive and play it and MARTY would do his/her bit.<br> The Mobile phone MARTY App CANNOT return a IP address / cannot see MARTY with the MARTY App being on the same phone. My guess could be that the IP address of the phone is the external one from the Telco and not the (e.g. gateway address). You can use the Windows 10 laptop and Chrome to Calibrate MARTY - as this does work well. However, in the end I was lucky to find a person who sold me his 3 year old 3G Wifi portable router which I used as the device to connect MARTY, Laptop and Mobile so I can see and control MARTY.

After spending all day yesterday and today I finally found the right combination.


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23parislau OP

Last night I purchased a new Wifi 4G Router which costs $45 AUD from Target and I made the SSID and passwords the same as the previous 3G Wifi I brought 2 days ago. What I noticed is that the IP addresses were in the 192.168.0.XXX range for the NEW device. The old 3G Wifi were of 192.168.1.YYY range. The NEW 4G Wifi Router 192.168.0.XXX initially did not find MARTY on the same laptop that worked with the old 3G Wifi. The SCAN couldn't find MARTY. To solve this problem I changed the DHCP address range from - to - and the Gateway address to This also did not work. The SCAN under Chrome did not find MARTY. To solve this problem I REDUCED the DHCP address range from to This solved the problem and the SCAN function found MARTY and I was able to calibrate MARTY. I know many people have raised issues about the SCAN function but by reducing the range should/will solve the problem. You may need to increase the range depending on how many devices you have on your router.

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23parislau OP

What I have also noticed is that you should/really consider turning off Windows Update & Onedrive updates because it will really chew your data allowance. Also, the position and place of where you place the 3G/4G Wifi device is crucial b/c like anything mobile these days reception is critical. We couldn't get proper/good reception so the laptop was never connecting to the SCRATCH web site. So in the end we just used my daughters mobile phone app to scan & control MARTY. I don't know if the SCRATCH Web site was also responsible for the massive down load of up to 900MB in 2 parts (640MB and the rest was a couples of days after that). Maybe someone needs to work out if there is a SCRATCH OFFLINE method as this would reduce and make MARTY almost totally mobile.

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