Twist Washer - Knee can go in a spasmodic motion

Hi, I just noticed something which I think has caused most of my problems. I don't think I ever got the twist washers in the original package. I recently posted a video of Marty's left leg not completing a full step but going up and down. I pulled the left knee apart and noticed that the wire was wrapped around the Servo Horn (not sure if this is the correct term). Today I had the same problem with the right knee. I am assuming that the twist Washer keeps the wire out of the Server as it moves.<br> Anyway I had to 'hard wire' the wire in between the Knee box so it does not cause a wrap. BTW - I only found out about the Twist Washer after I printed out the instructions from the web site and I noticed it the original instructions do not have the twist washer.


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