MARTY Wifi/internet dependency

Hi, I just wanted to ask if I was to take MARTY and a Wifi switch do I still require the internet connection to bring up the SCRATCH programming screen? Whilst I am at home MARTY is connected and working fine, but If I was to take MARTY to my daughter's school I need to know what equipment to bring with me.


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23parislau OP

hi, a mobile hot spot with a mobile phone does not work. I've just tried 3 different Samsung phones. (In a previous post I said change the laptop gateway address to the ip address of Marty - but this does not work). The scope of this exercise was to also go thru SCRATCH Programming but do access Calibration and Scratch you need to have an internet connection via e.g windows laptop. All 3 devices - laptop, Marty & Mobile phone hot spot + another mobile phone to run the MARTY App needs to be connected to the same hot spot so they can 'see each other'. The problem is that I can see MARTY from the laptop via PINGS but I cannot connect to it via Calibration. I type in the IP address as well and the chrome web browser still cannot see it. I change the laptop gateway to MARTY's IP and I still cannot see it (previously I did but I cannot recreate this...) I can use the MARTY Android app on another mobile phone and see MARTY (so long as this mobile is connected to the hot spot. I can calibrate, see and move legs, arms ..etc... I can get the SCRATCH programming web page up and it does not see MARTY from the Chrome browser. In fact, nothing that I do can get the CALIBRATION or SCRATCH (u can type in the IP address) can see MARTY. My only option now is to purchase a 3G Wifi router.

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23parislau OP

I can't seem the 'reset Marty off the current Wifi'. I have used the Android App and found Marty and selected "reset WIFI' but MARTY is still found on the Wifi network. Is there a physical switch I need to press inside MARTY?

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Hi there! Thanks for your question and thank you for taking Marty on the road!

A simple and reliable way to deliver a demo at the school would be to use your phone as a mobile wi-fi hotspot. Assuming you can get a reasonable mobile data signal, just connect your laptop and your Marty to the phone hotspot and things should work just like they do at home. A benefit of doing it this way is that you can avoid any surprises from the school's network setup - understandably school networks can be tightly locked down. There are of course other ways to use Martys in schools and many people do, but for a one-off or occasional session, the phone hotspot method should prove simple and reliable. Hope this helps. All the best, Neil

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