Link to new PI image does not work

Hi Guys,

Decided to flash a new raspberry PI image down the hackspace tonight to sort out connecting a PI 3 to the internet as well as the hotspot Marty Uses.

Noticed you have up loaded a new image today, the link from the "Adding a PI to Marty does not work".

It takes you through to a listing of a folder contents and then eventually an error message as shown below.

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <error> AccessDenied <message>Access Denied</message> <requestid>99EEE2C4425FC822</requestid> <hostid> M6x+4jhuAi3QsHgiFeujPOuUH/SYmbQbbijl1UWNiCCUjJ7O57mDYuFKAlOGH7mrsPkc+0NNzOE= </hostid> </error>




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4 Responses

Windy54 OP

Thanks for quick response, I will try it out tomorrow

21:11:20, 16th April 2018   |   Permalink   |   View Source
angus STAFF

@Windy54 these images aren't particularly new, but there shouldn't be many major differences between them except from bugfixes etc. The old ones are mostly just there to avoid breaking links, so always go with the latest one!

The 'in head' Pi image should be able to do the whole hotspot + client thing, we've certainly managed to get some Pis to do so. @sandy probably knows better than I do, there are a few weird behaviours on some RPis regarding multiple WiFi networks and Bluetooth interacting with Serial/UART

21:00:42, 16th April 2018   |   Permalink   |   View Source
Windy54 OP

Just downloaded it thanks, possibly jumping the gun, is there going to be a list of changes in the image?

For instance, I was trying to get my old image to connect via a wifi dongle to the internet on my PI3 as well as creating the hotspot.


20:54:25, 16th April 2018   |   Permalink   |   View Source
angus STAFF

We've been trying to work around some flakiness with DigitalOceans's spaces storage, so everything transitioned over to Amazon S3 todaly. The Pi images are still finishing up the transfer but the ones already listed should now download fine. Let me know if it's still broken for you!

20:16:19, 16th April 2018   |   Permalink   |   View Source