how to connect Marty with PI3 to hotspot and home network

Hi, If I understand a reply to a post correctly, with a PI3 you manage to create the wifi hotspot Marty and connect to another wifi network.

I have just dismantled Marty and fitted a wifi dongle to my PI3, re-assembled and then powered up.

The hotspot has not been created, possibly due to the dongle? So I am now about to switch Marty off, dismantle and remove the dongle.

Having done that and re-powered Marty the hotspot is created and I can VNC into Marty.

looking at etc/network/interfaces I believe this file has been edited so that wlan0 is the hotspot and wlan1 set up for another SSID configured in wpa_supplicant.conf.

wpa_supplicant.conf has the network commented out, so in theory I should just have to edit wpa_supplicant.conf with my network details.

Is this correct?

Do I have to do anything else so that wlan0 is associated with the on board wifi and wlan1 the dongle?

I know my dongle works because I use it with an A+ .

I am loathe to dismantle Marty again to fit the dongle in case there is something else I have to do.

Also I am using your PI image, not one I have created myself.




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