Does Camera Mount need modifying

I have printed the camera mount and fitted a raspberry PI with camera.

I get an image but the bottom quarter of the image is the bottom of the hexagon mouth.

Just wondering whether anyone else has had this issue and how they fixed it?

I notice on the ball following tutorial , the image on page 6 shows a very small amount of the mouth, mine is alot more than that.



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Windy54 OP

Thanks for the response. Yes I a man using the official raspberry PI camera, I am guessing V2 because I purchased it at Christmas. Also I have printed off the bracket and mount.

Since I posted I have come to the conclusion that it is just tolerances, if I squeeze the head then I see less of the bottom of the mount.

I have got access to a 3d printer so was thinking of modifying the head so the camera fits to it and use a longer ribbon candle so it can move when I open the lid. If I ever manage to do it I will post the results.

On a plus note I have just demonstrated Marty tracking a ball.

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Hi Steve,

Sorry you are having trouble with the camera mount :(

Are you using the official Pi camera module (V2)?

With the 3D printed mount, did you also print the camera mount bracket?

Is your camera mounted in the same orientation as the one shown in our shop?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to eliminate a few possibilities.

I'm not suggesting this is the case, but I thought I had a similar problem with the camera during a demo when Marty seemed to misbehave when the ball he was tracking was up close, however it turned out I didn't have the head shut properly - D'oh!

Please let me know about the questions above, we'll then do some more head-scratching if necessary.

Thanks, Neil

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