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Investment Round

The team is delighted to announce that Robotical has formally closed a seed investment round for £285,000. Finishing 2017 with this news is a fantastic boost for the team and fills us with optimism for the future and enables us to continue developing Marty and the Company.

Robotical is also looking for two new people to join the team, a media and marketing person and a developer – see the job descriptions for more details.

We are all looking forward to working closely with our investors: Rob Dobson (DevicePilot/Float), Gareth Williams (Skyscanner), Donald Houston (Rain Dance Investments), David Lane (Edinburgh Centre for Robotics) and David Doak (formerly of Rare). Huge congratulations are in order to our founder, Alexander Enoch and the whole team for steering the company to this significant milestone.

Production & Shipping Update

We have almost all the parts for the next thousand Martys in stock now, with all the assembly tasks done – We’re just waiting on the batteries to arrive, which have unfortunately been delayed but are now in the post. Nevertheless, for those at the front of our backlog we have already posted around fifty Martys to their new homes.

With everything but the batteries here, the rest of the Robots will be ready to go as soon as everyone comes back in the new year. So, we’re now confident we’ll be shipping the rest of the Martys starting the second week of January.

As there are now there are going to be a bunch of new Martys out in the wild, we’ve also refreshed our Build Guide and getting started content to be easier to follow through and calibrate your bot, with the help of our nifty new app!

— The Team at Robotical