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Hey there! Firstly, sorry it’s taken us so long to push out some news, we’re in a full-swing production run getting the second batch of Martys ready, aiming for the end of this year. As always seems the be the case, we’re learning a lot of stuff quickly, but we’re already confident that this second batch of Robots is going to be great, and we’ve got some really cool stuff in the pipeline that we’re keen to show off in the coming months!

New 3D Printable Marty Parts Release

The v1.0 3D Print designs for Marty are finally out, again apologies on the tardiness here, but we think you’ll agree they’re a significant improvement on the previous v0.1 designs, and they’re compatible with our production Injection-Moulded parts too - so they’re a good basis to start from for anyone that wants to hack away at their Injection Moulded, Production Marty.

  v1.0 Part Downloads

Tutorial: Controlling Marty with a Gamepad and Python

We’ve also just posted an article on how to use a USB gamepad/controller to make a remote for Marty, using MartyPy. It should be a good place to start if you’re wanting to jump from Scratch to Python.

Gamepad Tutorial

JavaScript Remote Control

Yep, another remote control, this one uses the JavaScript/Socket API to let you control Marty from a phone. It’s kinda in ‘beta’, but you can see it and more info here in Sandy’s forum post.

Batch 2 Production Update

We sold out of Batch One Robots (which have now all been shipped to their new homes) back on the 21st of April 2017. People from IndieGoGo, and later from sales here on are in “Batch 2”.

We’re still selling Batch 2 robots on-backorder, and we currently estimate they’ll be ready near the end of this year.

We’ve made numerous imrovements to the plasic parts and electronics which are both currently in production. We’ll aim to provide further regular updates as we get closer to shipping.


Thank you to all those that filled out the feedback we sent out a couple of weeks ago, we’ve made numerous improvements across the board based on what you’ve all said and asked for, and we’ll try and work towards the features & projects you all suggested.

If you haven’t filled out the form and would like to, you still can here.

— The Team at Robotical