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Arm Servo Gear

Posted 16:44:06, 12th February 2018   |   № 95

Hello everyone,

I'd like to share with you a small modification that it helped me a lot. I 've had some issues while assembling the arm servo gear. The servo horn screw has to lock and attach the arm servo gear, the servo horn and the servo next to side-panel. In my opinion, there is an un-nessesary space between the horn and the arm servo gear so that it doesnt allow us to screw properly the servo because of the lenght. So I have changed the small gap as you can see here…

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Knee motor issue

Posted 10:51:28, 12th February 2018   |   № 94

Hello Robotical team and everyone,

I have managed to print my Marty. Calibration after many attempts has been completed. But right now, I have an issue with the movement of the right or left knee. I tested all motors using all Scratch commands and it worked fine. However, using the calibration tool when I click walk or through Scratch when I click a command like Walk 2 steps etc., I have this issue that you can see in the video attached. When I hold Marty in the air, motors work fine, but on the tab…

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Side panel 3d print

Posted 21:03:36, 31st January 2018   |   № 89

Hello guys and congrats for the Marty project,

Do you have any idea how to print the side panel, about orientation etc. because there is no flat side to start with this as first print layer. Have you tried to add any pillar or fake-removable base just to be printed?

Thank you in advance,


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12th February 2017

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In response to Thread № 94 Knee motor issue

Hi Sandy,

Thank you so much for the immediate answer. My Marty thanks you for the compliment :). Yes, I had to clean up all the 3d prin…

Posted 16:06:58, 12th February 2018

In response to Thread № 89 Side panel 3d print

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for your prompt response. You are right. I checked the option "support material" and it worked fine. Actually, I …

Posted 15:42:31, 05th February 2018