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Printable parts

Posted 17:33:00, 31st July 2017   |   № 9


Congratulations and thank you all for this nice Marty!

I am writing to ask you to update the STL files to the production ones. The downloadable version is really an old one: 0.1.



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07th July 2016

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In response to Thread № 9 Printable parts

Thank you again for the response. I was not aware of this molded vs. printed parts difference. I will follow your hints and start printing M…

Posted 12:35:50, 01st August 2017

In response to Thread № 9 Printable parts

Thank you for your ultra fast response. I need the STL files to print a bunch of Martys to a discipline I am going to teach. Can you give me…

Posted 17:44:52, 31st July 2017