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In response to Thread № 107 left knee and calibration

Hi sparkie33755

That's great news that you got the knee problem resolved! Careful routing of the servo cables can be a little tricky but is…

Posted 12:36:50, 27th April 2018

In response to Thread № 108 MARTY Wifi/internet dependency

Hi there! Thanks for your question and thank you for taking Marty on the road!

A simple and reliable way to deliver a demo at the school …

Posted 11:40:48, 27th April 2018

In response to Thread № 103 Does Camera Mount need modifying

Hi Steve,

Sorry you are having trouble with the camera mount :(

Are you using the official Pi camera module (V2)?

With the 3D printed mou…

Posted 18:09:20, 19th March 2018

In response to Thread № 76 No Blue LED when charging

Hi Matt, Thanks for your post. Sorry that something strange is going on with the LED. To get this resolved most efficiently, can we move t…

Posted 11:21:28, 27th November 2017

In response to Thread № 4 Build suggestions and hints

I love these mikeprotts! Thanks :) I discovered the benefits of a bit of masking tape at the top of the legs when I first built mine, but Bl…

Posted 12:49:07, 29th July 2017