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No Blue LED when charging

Posted 19:15:42, 26th November 2017   |   № 76

The blue LED on one of my Marty boards does not seem to work at all. I have 2 kits. When I plug one in the blue charging LED comes on, when I plug in the other it does not. I have swapped the batteries and cords of the two robots and the one always lights up and the other never lights up. Do I have a defective circuit board or is there something I am missing?



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Exactly why I backed this project!

Posted 15:28:50, 29th August 2017   |   № 35

I was a backer of this project because I have been looking for a kit that was simple enough to explain to my soon-to-be seven year old son, but complex and interesting enough for him to want to learn about it. I doubled down and added a second Marty during the project on a whim. I am happy to say that it is paying off. Marty 1 is now built. My son mostly watched as I made it through the included and online instructions (he tightened a couple screws). He impatiently listened to my explanation of the cali…

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In response to Thread № 76 No Blue LED when charging

Hello Neil, Thanks for the quick response. I am happy to move this to the support system and will follow up with an e-mail, but just to ans…

Posted 03:52:29, 28th November 2017