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what other devices can be connected to Rick?

Posted 13:09:50, 19th August 2019   |   № 164

Hi Team, I wondwer what other devices are available/compatible with Marty's Rick computer? Which pins are reserved for those devices. I must have missed that hardware documentation somehow. I have 2x foot switches but I donot know the pins. Thanks and best regards, Fred

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setting motor/servo speed

Posted 11:01:05, 02nd August 2019   |   № 162

Hi Team, I wonder if can modify the speed of the servo motors. Right now I think the speed is little too fast, sothat Marty now and then falls aside. Lowering the speed I think it will avoid the falling. Best regards, Fred

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In response to Thread № 162 setting motor/servo speed

Hi Agnus, Thanks for your prompt response. I have a Marty with ROS and I am not using Scratch. Somehere there must a parameter that contr…

Posted 14:40:16, 02nd August 2019