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Eye servo burning out?

Posted 16:35:22, 05th August 2017   |   № 12

Went into calibrate and marty's eyebrows mashed together.

I managed to get the into the right location with the calibration tool, but the servo seems to get very hot and eventually failed.

I've replaced the servo with a new one and left the eye off so I could see what happens, on calibration the server span round lots of times and then also started getting very hot.

Any suggestions on why the eye serve is getting too hot? Everything else seems to be fine. I can get Marty to walk around nicely and m…

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13th June 2016

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In response to Thread № 12 Eye servo burning out?

Hi Sandy,

I'm quite close to your office so can just pop round with Marty to troubleshoot.

Will email support to arrange a good time. …

Posted 07:32:34, 09th August 2017