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Adjust or disable motor protection

Posted 08:07:52, 22nd September 2019   |   № 166


Anyone know how to adjust/disable motor overload protection? I need to do it since Marty cannot walk it just stops due to overlow while in reality there is not much tension on the motors.

I know this is possible since I read in other posts Andy commenting it was doable. But how?

Does Rick have some sort of terminal? I would like to see the currently loaded setting and be able to adjust them.

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Need help with Screws

Posted 17:12:10, 16th January 2019   |   № 141


I am looking the build guide a need to order some screws. At the bottom of this page there is an image with all screws used in the build.

Can anyone tell me how much of each A,B,C, etc. screws and bolts do I need so I can order all at once.

Also what are those gold-bolt-inserts called that are inserted into for example servoMount part?

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Rick Firmware

Posted 20:24:59, 07th January 2019   |   № 136

Is there a Rick firmware available for download and flushing and to do it ?

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Marty with Pi and without Rick

Posted 21:20:19, 06th January 2019   |   № 135

It was time to dust off my Marty and give it a new life. I have a very first version of Marty without Rick but with PCA9685 motor controller and Raspberry Pi. It was one of perks I got from Indie before Rick was available.

It can dance and I can calibrate motors using cmdServer and python wsCLient that I got from Github for couple of years back now.

What I want to do now is to use Scratch to build some simple movements. I remember doing it before using this Scratch…

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