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Socket API problem

Posted 13:45:51, 15th October 2017   |   № 61

I'm experimenting with the socket API in a C# and in a C++ program. With the sensor information type requests some things are working fine, others not. - Battery voltage works, - Accelerometer works, - Motor current works. All functions with return type different from float32 wil give allways 0 as result. I have seen this with the "motor position" and also with the "motor enabled" commands. The zeros are present in the raw data from Marty.

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Marty with python - walk backward

Posted 19:29:24, 05th October 2017   |   № 60

I'm working with the martypy library and it is working fine so far. The "walk forward" runs, e.g. robot.walk(8). But how can I give a "walk backward" command? It must accept a negative int8-value. The command robot.walk(-4) gives an error message: (... ubyte should be in range 0...255). In general: How can be given negative int8-values to the martypi functions?

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eye's servo will not work anymore

Posted 16:25:50, 01st September 2017   |   № 40

Marty no. 1300865: After Marty has worked a few days well, the servo for the eye no longer moves. When calibrating, it no longer moves. Also in ScratchX the eyes will not move. All other servos are working fine. I have used an analyser at the servo pin - no signal. Is this a board defect?

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In response to Thread № 61 Socket API problem

Hello Angus, sorry - your response don't help. Your link "here" goes to Python, but I'm working with C# and the socket API (TCP). My request…

Posted 09:40:05, 22nd October 2017

In response to Thread № 60 Marty with python - walk backward

Hey Angus, many thanks, now it works. Greetings from Germany, Rudolf.

Posted 16:43:34, 06th October 2017

In response to Thread № 40 eye's servo will not work anymore

Sorry for my late response! To Sandy: With your very helpful hints all my problems are gone. The eys are now working fine and I'm experime…

Posted 17:40:59, 20th September 2017

In response to Thread № 40 eye's servo will not work anymore

Hello Sandy, many thanks for your very fast response! The eye's servo is OK, I have tested it with an Arduino. So it looks like a board …

Posted 09:11:09, 02nd September 2017