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Can't find "Marty Setup" network

Posted 13:26:41, 24th November 2017   |   № 74

Hello, I finally assembled Marty, charged the battery and switched it on, however when i do a WiFi network scan I cannot find the "Marty Setup" network.

Here are the symptoms when I switch on Marty (non necessarily in the order they happen): 1) white LED switches on 2) ESP wifi board blinks blue (once or twice) but not again until Marty is switched off/on again 3) Marty makes a sound 4) all servos move a bit

When I connect the USB cable to charge Marty the blue LED switches on until battery ch…

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In response to Thread № 74 Can't find "Marty Setup" network

Hi Ken.,

in my case the problem was a faulty Rick board. After it was replaced Marty worked perfectly.

Posted 19:16:48, 29th January 2018