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Marty Calibration Troubles

Posted 16:59:46, 31st January 2018   |   № 88

Hi, I'm having some troubles with the initial calibration and walking. Every time I start Marty up and try to calibrate it through the mobile app, the legs start twitching and freaking out. I follow the suggestions and slowly move the legs into position and get it standing upright. From there, I test out walking, and the legs continue to spazz out again. Note: This happens regardless of whether Marty is connected/charging and if he is just running from the battery. I have triple checked that all of the …

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In response to Thread № 88 Marty Calibration Troubles

So after plenty of tinkering, I finally managed to fix the issue (along with plentiful help from Sandy).

The problem was with the four s…

Posted 13:24:14, 01st February 2018